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 :) Thank you It works!
Display no of views for articles: In themes\classic\article.php

Replace this code:

Code: [Select]
{$|timeAgo} {$lang.116} 

With this code:

Code: [Select]
{$|timeAgo} {$lang.116}<br />Hits: {$gcd.hits}

Hello, sorry for delay in response. Ill check this...

I need to bring two issues to your notice so that you can help me out with the solution.
1. Newsletter option in the admin area is not working - there is anyway we can sort this out.
2. is there any chance we can display no of views for articles on article page.

Thanks for the help.
Ok,  :) Yes in week or two..
Hi, Yeah I got it figured. You can do it from control panel option. Yeah great. Is there any updates for this script any soon.
No, Even after enabling that option logged in user cannot edit the article, or is there anything i am doing wrong. Articles are editable only in admin area. Can you guide me how its done for users.

There is a option to allow users to edit posts:

Admin Panel -> Editing / Deleting Posts
Article Directory Script by Markerpaper was so great it runs so smooth and enriched with great features.

But a couple of updates to the script would have been more interesting, Such as Users who post their Articles should be provided with an option to edit their article. Also option to choose as journalist option as default.

Social Bookmarking Script / Re: Submit URL No Data
« Last post by alexa on June 23, 2018, 12:22:28 AM »
Please try to switch to GetUrlContents in Admin -> Crawler / User Agent
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